All for One. One for All.

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2Gather is the new digital Commons. A trustworthy not-for-profit social platform of, by and for all people around the world.

2Gather is a vision, a set of principles and a concrete project. It is an open source, decentralized, not-for-profit alternative currently under development. We welcome donors, developers and contributors of all types.

A short summary of the 2Gather vision was included in the Nesta Innovation Foundation's Decentralized Futures essay collection.

Join our community discussion at 2Gather - General Discussion or 2Gather - Technical Development for technical and development issues.

You can participate in discussions using the open source, privacy protecting Element messaging client.

Our Github project can be found at 2Gather - Github.

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You can also email us at info [at] 2gather.one. 2Gather was co-founded by Ziri Rideaux and Brendan Miller.

Thank you for your interest in 2Gather.

2Gather is commited to using 100% open source software in all aspects of its operation. Open source in use includes Ubuntu Linux, Matrix, Element, IPFS, Ethereum, Loomio, Lemmy, Mail Train, Mailu, Nginx, Ansible, Docker, Certbot, Gogs, VSCode, LibreOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird Mail and more!